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Grandma 101: Human Connection Transcends Social Media,The Art of Hand-Written Notes in the Digital Age

From a young age, my Grandma, like many others, encouraged a hand-written note for most life events - to show gratitude, sympathy, thoughtfulness, celebration, and a host of additional emotions and occasions. At her encouragement, this art- form was used to connect with family and friends, both locally and across the miles. As an attorney, this practice continued. Cards and tokens of remembrance were sent in celebration of bar passages, trial victories and partnerships, to lift up mentees struggling with the profession, and to remind others that they brighten this world by the positive change they effect every day. They were sent out of genuine concern and love for others. An unintended consequence is that they made my practice of law successful. The following is why. Social media and electronic communications are powerful tools for broadening communications and superficially learning about others, an alternative news source. They are not effective ways to deepen worthw